About us

Origin of TC and at present. Mission Vision Values

In 1945 TC was founded as a pioneer translation services company, concentrating its activity in the industry and consulates or diplomatic representations.

The founder began his career as a freelance translator. Later incorporating a public limited liability company. In 1981 there was a generational change and, in 1991, changing the legal form to that which it has today, Limited Liability Company.

It has always maintained its nature as a family business, relying on the advantages and virtues of this condition: strong commitment and a more personal service.

Currently TRADUCCIONES CONTINENTAL S.L. specialises in sworn, technical and legal translations.


One of the values most appreciated by customers in addition to the quality of services, is that thanks to their experience can provide advice on international administrative procedures.

  • Mission (raison d'être)

    Covering the multilingual communication needs of companies and individuals, ensuring the quality, delivery deadline and the appropriate advice in international procedures.

  • Vision (objective)

    To be the company with the most efficient internal processes of the translation sector, achieving with this, the best results in time, quality and cost for customers.

  • Values

    Flexibility - Experience - Quality in service - Honesty - Commitment